torsdag den 28. oktober 2010

Patch 4..0.1a with minor fixes.
Sooo the patch was supposed to fix some of the bugs which had occurred since the release of patch 4.0.1 and I myself as a mage had encountered a few glitches and bugs.
1st: Impact sometimes “overwriting” another mages dots which was quite annoying.
2nd  The talent Firestarter seems to be slightly bugged from time to time which meant that you could encounter that you were unable to cast scorch while moving and thereby making Firstarter completely useless. I thought it had been fixed, but I encountered the problem several times as late yesterdays raid.
3rd Prime/ Major glyph bug: There is a bug with the glyphs which currently is a DPS gain – One more dps glyph = sweet.

This is the bugs which I have stumbled across the last couple of weeks, however, I must admit that it is hard to see that you now are competing with warlocks, boomkins and shadow priests for #1-3 on damage and it seems that a single target boss fight in ICC we  have lost somewhere in between 1000-1500 DPS not that I am complaining since mages isn’t in as a position as rogues and feral druids, but it is always painful to experience a nerf.
Though there is also an upside – Fights with more than one target, this is where we shine these days with talents like Pyromaniac, Impact combined with Combustion and instant Blastwave + Flamestrike – well, the result  makes you almost jizz in your pants, however, you really have to min – maximize combustion to get the full effect so I highly recommend the addon Combustion helper if you feel that you aren’t getting the full benefit from Combustion.
I managed to almost get everything to perform perfectly on Deathbringer Saurfang in our raid the 27th of October finishing with almost 25000 DPS and 400.000 damage done to adds, this was while running with 5 healers and getting zero Power Infusions – I was quite pleased with myself there, but when we encounter fight with only one target you might be better of with Arcane if your haste level supports it; I personally wouldn’t dump below 30% haste as arcane.

Another thing which of late has been bothering me quite a bit while raiding and also is one of my concerns for Cataclysm: Crit – Before patch 4.0.1 myself and my fellow mage in the guild was critting around 80ish oercent, and sometimes dipping in 90ish percents, with fireballs and that was when you only had to get two crits in a row to gain Hot Streak, however, now we seem to have problems with critting more than 65-70 percent and that is with pretty much luck and you now have to get three crits in a row to gain Hot Streak – Now it isn’t because I am obsessed with Pyroblast, however, atm. our 2-set tier10 bonus has around 5-10% less uptime which along with the nerfed crit is quite  significant in my opinion.
Talking about critical strikes and haste combined with the need to gain 17% hit from talents alone and from what I have read on forums and heard from people who currently tests dungeons and raids on the beta is:
fire is having some serious mana problems and several people talks about having to switch to mage armor during the fights or spam free scorch. Arcane seems to have the same problem aslong as the fight exceeds 3-4 min duration, however, you might argue “Then don’t use Arcane Power” that could be true, however, without using that arcane drops quite a lot on DPS, and this leads me to frost which I have read several people suggesting as the “most optimal” raid spec since the mana sufficiency along with frost being less penalized when your crit and haste raitings is low / medium. However, this is only testing from the beta which other people have made so I do not really have any personal reference to it.

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