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Update - Ranting and words.

Since I have had a lot of irl stuff to do I haven’t been paying attention to this blog, however, with my exams finished I do have time again, and I guess it is time to throw some ranting around. Which is what I will be doing based on the amount of whine threads on the official forums and MMO-champion. 

One of the topics which is coming back again and again is – “Why don’t we have such a spell, I want one too, they are OP because of that, my class is broken I cannot AoE heal” or whatever people complain about. 

People seem to forget that the beauty of the game isn’t that every class is exactly like the other, but people tend to use their imaginary calculator and comes forth with something like this:  resto shaman = disc / holy priest = resto druid =  holy paladin because they are all healers they should be able to do almost every task just as good as the other class. This is utterly, utterly stupid and will in the end remove the “uniqueness” of the different classes. Sure, if you look at the statement “bring the player, not the class” you might want to bring 25 paladins, 2 tanks, 7 healers and 16 dps because all your friends just love the shiny bubble man.  Should it be viable? Should it be able to compete with guilds, which set more or less specific raids in order to provide every possible buff to the raid? 

Furthermore, if you are so damn annoyed about e.g. a paladin not being able to raid heal at the same ferocity as a priest or a shaman – Then why not roll one? “But I love my paladin and I got soooo many exciting achievements on this character” Then you got two options 1) Reroll or find a guild which wants a player who wants to play suboptimal. 2) Deal with it and go do what your class is good at.
What it appears that a lot of people want is 4 classes with the same amount of spells, which does the same but “only” has different names and spell icons.  However, sadly the most of this whining on forums is done by people who seems to struggle quite hard with the playing the game and their character at just a decent level.  Who has more fun just running around doing a dungeon from time to time, and that is cool – but please do at very least just a little research on your class so whenever you attempt to do your daily heroic you aren’t being carried. When I say carried I refer to e.g. warrior tanks who refuses to use cleave or rend + thunderclap at AoE packs and can hardly keep agro from the healer, who has to the hardest hitting spell in order to keep mr. tank up because he has gemmed, geared and is either using his CDs wrong or not bothering with such a tedious thing. The healer who insists on using one spell, and one spell only. The damage dealer who is struggling to pass the 4000DPs, which to many seems to be hard, and I still cannot understand how it is possible to do it, but there is some people who can pull of that “magic” trick. 

While I am ranting - I cannot stand people who in forums attempts to tell what is best for X class because a) They got 5/12 normal or b) Read it on a forum like Elitist Jerks, which as we all know is the holy grail for everything /sarcasm end. Sure, it is decent to start if you don’t know how to spec, but as far as healing goes the only “worth” is the spreadsheets on haste levels in order to get another tick on Rej, Riptide, HR and alike. You might get a x stat value which is better than y, but for the most part a thing called “sense” will take you just as far. 

Furthermore, when we talk healing many tend to look purely at HPs and it is understandable because it is the only data which seems to be available. However, HPs isn’t everything – far from it. A healers job is to keep people alive and that is done by using the healing spells and by using whatever cooldowns that you got at your disposal. This is the easy part and I will make the claim that everyone can keep Wild Growth on CD while spamming Rej on the raid. Spamming Prayer of Healing while keeping Circle of Healing on CD. Keeping Healing Rain on CD while pumping Chain Heals out like there was no end or keep Holy Radiance on CD while spamming HL/DL as a mad man. This will look brilliant on the healing meter, but a big part of it will be “wasted” healing, and it would mean that you are throwing a lot of overhealing out. This can be addressed in two ways 1) You are too many healers or 2) Instead of spamming “wasted” heals you could cast a few damaging spells or throwing a dot or two up. It might seem like a silly and pointless thing because it is so little damage, but whenever you are pressing on for a first kill it is vital. How many times have I wiped on 1% or worse 100k HP which sadly would have been a kill if the healers had thrown a few offensive spells, but they rather wanted to spam heals which would be wasted. 

A great example was my guilds first Cho’gall HC kill where we had our shamans and priest to throw out damage whenever there wasn’t any raid damage or heavy tank damage, which ended up with being around 5.5mio damage that the healers dished out. That might not seem like a lot, but was what made the boss go down that day and not a week or two after. One may argue that since our healers were able to throw out damage we could have been running with a healer less and that may be true, but we aren’t the best players in the world which also is reflected in the amount of healing required. If people make mistakes, and they will, it is your job to counter it with dishing out additional healing. You could just let the person die, and thereby hope he learned that “This fire stuff is bad”, but that would also mean that you threw that try away and you will attempt to counter the mistake, and I will admit that it is also one of the reasons I enjoy playing a healer that it is more “on the fly” than keeping an 1 1 3 4 rotation.

Furthermore, if you only want to win recount and feels that it is more important than taking down the boss you might want to switch to DPS because it is highly unlikely you will be getting a WoL ranking with the first few kills simply because you want a safe kill. When you have killed the boss a sufficient amount of times you will cut out a healer or two in order to make it more challenging, and because at that point you are pretty much just “stealing healing” and spamming unnecessary heals. A good example was a Valiona HC kill where we started with 5 healers and when one of the priests got a brainfart we continued 4 healers the reaming 75% of the fight, it was challenging but it was also making this dull boring farm encounter more fun. And it meant that the FAT DPSers had to minimize the damage they took because there were less rawr healing, and from my experience that is a problem that comes with farm content and this attitude sneaks up upon people “Nah, I can just stand here I will receive healing anyway” I tend to call it WOLTK playstyle.
This playstyle can manifest quite suddenly a sad example is we can one week one shot Al’Akir HC and the next week we can be wiping for hours due to people suddenly got major problems with avoiding tornadoes or use any defensive CDs whatsoever – despite the obvious “If you die you will generate 0 damage”. And while looking into that aspect I find it quite amusing that people doesn’t bother to use a damage pot, but they throw out all the unnecessary damage on adds and targets which doesn’t require damage – So that they can get a higher DPS output and it is quite idiotic.

I guess that was enough random rambling, and I will try to keep this more up to date with Firelands hitting us hard in our vacation time where everyone will be able to maintain a stable raid team.

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