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Restoration shaman - Starting out in Cataclysm

World of warcraft Cataclysm so far has been quite entertaining leveling wise, I do admit that I never really enjoyed question, but I think some of the quests was quite enjoyable.
Heroics is quite good fun IF you tag along with friends or guildies who you know will know what to do or just thinks "Hey, crowd control might be useful " instead of the WOLTK minded people who go "AOE GO GO " that is doable when you've gather a bit of gear and got a decent tank and healer, but I still prefer as a healer to do some crowd control since I barely have to use any mana then compared to Greater Healing Wave spam when the tank takes on +4 mobs.
But so far I am quite happy with the current state of restoration shamans, and despite we are the "all rounder" I still think that tank healing and raid healing is both places where a restoration shaman is in the very top in both niches.
Since the expansion is quite new and there is +thousand theories on how to play and value stats - sadly quite a lot of those people is people who never will step into a raiding environment  before they are standing in "welfare" epics. I am not saying that my way of doing it is the correct one, but it is working for me, and quite well I must admit.
So stats on gear we have three options mastery, haste and crit and if you can get an item with haste on - then get it haste is your "primary secondary" stat if that makes sense to put it that way. After haste go for crit since crits is always nice, but due to the talents we also gain mana when critting with spells, but it isn't nearly as good as haste. Mastery isn't a bad stat, but your targets will have to be at less than 60% hp in order to start benefitting "enough" from it therefore unless you want to top meters on Chimaeron, but else you will gain more from haste and crit.
Primary stats is intellect and spirit which is on most gear and currently I have a rule of thumb - "Does the item has spirit? If not, reforge it by taking the stats in this order mastery > crit > haste" Spirit will become "less" valuable when you reach a certain level of it due to mana regn becomes less and less of an issue, I am currently on 2400 spirit unbuffed and the only way I go out of mana (oom) is if I use my spells foolishly or having to spam Greater Healing Wave (GWH), but spirit is a very, very good stat only surpassed in my opinion by intellect. This is due to several reasons 1st: higher mana pool which also grants more mana returned from replenishment, 2nd: your spells hits harder, 3rdly you gain some crit.
For gemming it is quite similar: red slots = +40 intellect unless you are a JC and then it is 67 intellect, yellow = 20 haste / 20 intellect not much to say boosts two of the best stats + you gain a socket bonus and it is almost always worth it. Blue = 20 spirit / 20 intellect unless you are freshly dinged you might want to put +40 spirit in, but I would suggest 20 spirit /20 intellect.
Concerning meta gems is there really only one option and that is +54 intellect +2% mana, if people start arguing +54 spirit +3% critical heal just ignore them your critical rating is currently so low that it extra healing on the crit is useless and when it becomes more efficient you will have such an amount of regn that the spirit becomes less valuable than 54 intellect. Again, if this is my opinion everyone is entitled to their own, but just because you read something on a forum does not mean that it is correct.
That will be all for now, I will post how restoration shaman has been so far raiding wise later on.

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