fredag den 10. december 2010

Small update

I guess an update is appropriate  so here comes.
Here is a picture taken about an hour before the launch:

(Sorry for the bad quality, but it was taken with my mobile phone)

And bam the time was 00.01 and the you were asked to logout in order to get into Cataclysm, but as a massive amount of players were spamming their "Login" myself and I along with thousands had problems logging in a range from 10mins to almost 1½ hour, I got in like 30mins or so after release so I was in the what I would call in the better part of people. since the amount of mobs / items and the respawn timer was horrible and what I was asked to tag along for a dungeon I lost the "advantage" I had while being in "the front". That slowed down my leveling quite a lot and I dinged 18 hours after the release and having played none stop.
So busy, busy quest, kill / collect, turn in rinse and repeat until you look like a madman and bam you are 85. The fastest person in my guild was 12 hours, I was a bit slower, but leveling as elemental was piece of cake.
So ding, ding, ding 85 and the next step was obviously to start gearing myself for heroics and I quickly found a group. in the guild, and we farmed dungeons until we were bored and decided to check out "Vortex Pinnacle" on HC. This was a quite fun instance the first boss was fairly easy and the second boss is just pure fun the first comment when we pulled him was "lol, this is awesome" and we eventually managed to kill the last boss. After this HC I've pretty much farmed HCs and they aren't really that hard except perhaps for Grim Batol we did spend quite some time in there, but eventually we pulled our asses together and cleared it.
The last two days I've been farming HCs getting hc gear along with Justice Point gear, and it is coming along nicely.
Currently I am valuing stats like this: spirit > haste > crit > mastery on items and gemming: red = 40 int, 30 spirit (no one got the "big one yet") yellow = 20 int / 20 haste and it works okayish.
For glyphs I've thrown away Earth Living since it is the least HPs increase from Riptide (which I've found after doing quite some HCs is always my 2nd or even 1st healing spell).

That will be all for now,  too many HCs to farm and stuff to experience.

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