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Getting ready for Dragon Soul and 4.3

Getting ready for Dragon Soul and 4.3
There hasn't been a lot of activity on this blog for a while and that is mainly due to no content, and that I cba. to write about Mist of Pandarian and the changes which is coming. This is due to I am mainly focusing on Dragon Soul and by that I mean the joy of PTR, and the late hours that it gives you. Furthermore, since we are down to raiding 1 day a week I am trying to get ahead with my studies, and the exams which of course hits in December, and simply to attempt to get a better grade (and trying that "Not doing it in last minute" style I have been running the majority of my life).

Preparing for Dragon Soul.
Beside late night PTR and the "fun" it gives then I have been stocking up on pots, elixirs, flasks and food which didn't really take long. My shaman is standing in BiS (I do not have cloak from Alysrazor, however, I do not see that as bit for a lot of fights), my druid which is missing Shard of Woe (I feel like a baws when 24 people is forced to run BoT), Alysrazor Cloak and a Firestone and I should be good to go Rejuv spam style, and my former main, my paladin, is missing a few pieces here and there, but with almost every healer having a paladin as 1st alt and a few main paladins I don't really see it as a possibility that I will be playing that.
Nonetheless, I have found time to level a priest (Yes, I do have a priest on my old server, but since it is only 370 ilvl I simply didn't think it was worth spending 20+ 25 Euros on transfer and faction change (On a side note -Why the hell is Faction Change so damn expensive?). So I started level a priest and it dinged the 22th of November and the 25th I had one or two pieces which could be called an upgrade from ZA/ZG, and I am running around with ilvl357. I am mainly playing Disc on it while being specced into attonement which is just bonkers, honestly PW:S on the tank, Holy Fire and Smite heals for 12-25k (This is with Luck of the Draw buff, but rarely with +10% spl.) and that is almost sufficient to keep the tank alive, however, when DPS plays like retards (Which they will since I am pugging) 5 x PW:S and GHW spam is not enough, I mean there is just some mechanics you cannot heal through and as I usually say "I cannot heal stupid".
But back on track, I have stocked up on pots and so on ingame but I have also been stocking up with food since I guess my time will be Exam, WoW, Sleep more or less.
That will be all, sorry for it being a small post which didn't really say much. 

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