mandag den 28. november 2011

4.3 This week.

4.3 This week ! 

New content to smash and changes to a lot of classes, which can be found here: Right here

However, the most interesting for my part is those which I already have covered.

a) Shaman: Riptide buff and a unique buff with Ancestral Fortitude, which will be refreshed by CH, HW, GHW, HS, HR, Riptide, UE so if you keep your Riptide running on a tank, like you would do before, you give him 15-20k extra HP.

b) Druid: WG has been nerfed by 20% which is quite a bit and it should bring druids a little down from their "über" HPs. Nonetheless, druids are still very potent healers - Best mobility while keeping an impressive throughput - Tree of Life as an "oh shit" + Tranquility is still amazingly good. And with increased mana pools you will be moving closer and closer to WOLTK Rej spam style.

c) Paladin: Biggest change - Holy Radiance, which now makes them some wannabe raid healers. Furthermore, their Judgement was changed so it doesn't give mana back pr. judgement, which I think might become an issue further down the line, but for every paladin who thought it was hard to press the button more than once every minute I guess it is a welcomed change.

d) Priests: Attonment gets usable at big bosses like Al'Akir and Ragnaros, which I think is good because I think it is a fun spec to play. Holy gets Divine Hymn buffed equal to Tranquility so it now becomes worth using, and there is some addition buffs.

I look forward to progressing through new content !


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