tirsdag den 6. december 2011

On the LFR ”Exploit”

So today quite a lot of players from the top tier of guilds noticed that they have had their accounts suspended, and that is including myself.
So what is this “exploit” – Well, since Blizzard didn’t bother to fix the obvious bug, which had been reported nor bothered to fix several bugs e.g. as on the Madness encounter where you still can die from jumping from one platform to another (But you can transmogrify your gear and look like you are in t2, t6 or whatever floats your boat ! IMPORTANT STUFF).

The “exploit” was confirmed by US guilds on patch day, which would be Tuesday and all the other European people started to do it as well when it was made obvious. Now, why ? Gear, it is as simple as that since some of the set-bonuses is quite good and despite being lower item level the bonus can make up for it.
It might be claimed that it would be obvious that it was unintentional and that we therefore should have restrained ourselves from doing it, sure, it is a great argument, but since there isn’t any “standards” regarding what is considered an “exploit”, and furthermore Nefarian, Atramedes and countless other bosses and instances have had bugs or exploits which have been far, far more abused. So the question is; Why now ? And 8 days ?

Why now? No clue, someone seems to have gone bonkers going “Es will nicht stand, Es war ein Befahlüng” (Or whatever). Furthermore, 8 days ? If the amount of days is correct it will be 5 days more than any previous bans, not counting permanent bans. And, it will give those guild a severe disadvantage in regards to world firsts due to the lack of one resets loot and valor points, and this might not seem like a big deal, but the first few heroic loots a long with valor point loot which currently will be some decent upgrades along the fact that they will have more tries and time to test tactics.

Now, why am I whining if it is my own fault ? Well, because I don’t think it is and this is for a number of reasons. First being – I am paying Blizzard for a service (World of Warcraft) and I expect to not encounter severe bugs (Hello random deaths while jumping from platform to platform at Madness of Deathwing). If I go to the baker and buy bread I do expect it to be fully baked and not be dough, unless it is what I specific want. Furthermore, Blizzard is gaining quite a lot of feedback and data from top50 guilds playing on PTR, and basically testing their stuff for free. Sure, you may argue that you juts could walk away and just try the encounter when it is released at the live server, but then again if you want to be competitive, well, I guess you get the idea.

I must admit I do really regret I signed up for the mount and a Diablo 3 beta key for as I see this level of customer service, mainly the bit in their mail that it is not up to discussion and in fact any inquires will be met with the same response. So I am getting banned for something you failed to fix before the release, and when you found out you then decided to wait several days before taking action, wow – really? Fucking pieces of shit. I remember back in Classic and The Burning Crusade that e.g. whenever the servers weren’t up according to the time plan you would be “refunded” in game time. Those days are long gone, and it looks like the preferred way of dealing with things is banning instead of taking responsibility for your own inability to release a product which is finished. What is it that companies usually do when their product isn’t finished? Oh, yeah they postpone it.

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