mandag den 12. december 2011

Looking for Raid.

Hey, I heard you liked Looking for Raid ?

An old gem, which was made at the beginning of Cataclysm, and which I think needs to be reposted a few times due to the recent "Looking for Raid (Raid should be "Retards")".

And no, I am not bashing the people who run the LFR, I am throwing the rocks at Blizzard for making a dumbed down version of their bosses. I can see the logic in making LFR so that more people can see the content, but you don't really learn anything from LFR it is "BOSS, KEEL KEEL - Boss dead - SHINIES NOM NOM". You don't learn jack shit from it, and the abilites which your gamedesigners made for the boss is clearly either not presented or they are so weak that you hardly notice them. So basically you get to see the reused animations, some shiney new places or well familiar places with enemies, yay?

I am rather bored since I am banned until the 14th so that is the reason for the QQing.



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