fredag den 29. marts 2013

Sha of Fear HC and inactivity.

Sha of Fear HC and inactivity.

Before t14 was completed I had decided to take a break from raiding, and I made irl commitments after progress was finished.
I killed Sha of Fear with Envy, and it was sadly not the ranking that we had hoped for, but with our rooster it was what we were capable of. After the initial kill I have only been playing whenever it was needed for either CDs or tank healing (Yes, I was primarily tank healing on Sha HC).

I was pretty burnt out after this progress, so I haven't had the interest in keeping up the blog, nor playing on PTR for "Throne of Thunder" as well as I have only recently been playing it a bit (mainly LFR as well as helping my old guild during vacation). Nonetheless, I am fairly sure that when my commitments end in late May that I will return to playing and blogging. However, I seriously doubt that I will be playing hardcore, not that it haven't been fun and interesting, but I don't want to commit that much time. Furthermore, it is also way more relaxing to sit with irl friends and talk trash while wiping on retarded stuff.

Oh yeah, shamans have been buffed -Horray, now they just need to realize that our mastery is outdated and only worked with Cataclysm HP pools / HPs.

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