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Firelands ! New Content ! Horray !

25 eager raiders looking forward to new content as well as shiney shinies, and we decide to go for Beth'tilac which we take down in our second attempt, and it would have been the first if our tank had remembered a very, very important thing “Is my healers with me or did I just leap and charge forward ?” Yes, a typical “ME TONK, ME TAKE BOSS – TONK TONK !!”. But Beth'tilac went down and I must admit it is not really that much of an interesting fight, however, this is normal’s and let us see what hard modes will bring.
The second boss which we attempted was Shannox who went down in the third attempt with one of our attempts being a ninja pull. And from Shannow we moved on to Lord Rhyolith, who died in the 5th pull and two of those were ninja pulls because people simply were too eager.
These three bosses were relatively easy, but I am also aware that due to the fact that the majority of our gear is +ilvl 372 it does make it quite a lot easier and more forgiving in regards to mistakes, however, this next boss is not forgiving and is a step up the difficulty ladder. We went for Alysrazor, and after 10 wipes we called the raid due to the time had reached 23.15.

We went back the day after and started out with Alysrazor, and after 5 wipes the bird stopped flying, and it was a decent kill which took us  10.30 to pull off. However, it did show the poor, disastrous and seemingly none excising thing called “Move without taking damage” people got hit by tornadoes like if it increased their DPS and they were aiming for it, and healers were no better infact our druids seemed to have rooted, however, it went down but it did again demonstrate the sheer incapability for people to avoid damage. And furthermore it revealed a major theme in our healers idea of playing, which was that it would be better to throw out overhealing than throwing a dot or two or even direct damage towards the boss, and a common excuse was “It is so little what does it even matter?” . Sure, it might not seem like a lot from 1 person, but do you have 4-6 people doing it then it will become a decent chunk of damage, and how many times can you recall that you wiped on 300k or less thinking a few more crits and would have killed it *hint* healers do fucking damage when you got time and mana for it*.
We turned towards Baleroc, and despite us just healing randomly we got him down in the 5th attempt, and it is a boss which I will look forward to on heroic.
Majordomo Staghelm was a boss which we thought to be another step up, but after 5 pulls he died and we were then 6/7 with only Ragnaros left. But again we stopped due to the clock had reached 23.15. ´

At Sunday we visited Ragnaros, which went great for a starter. Our guildleader had birthday so he wasn’t attending, however, it didn’t occur to our officers that it might happen or that any of them should read up on the tactics. And that meant that we stood literally for 45minuttes doing nothing while one of the attempted to find something out, and may I point out that we had tactics and videos posted on our forums, however, I am not to judged (Reading is hard YO?). After this unexpected afk time the officer who took over started to assign things, and when I say things I do mean things. Names on abilities were none existing, abilities were incorrectly understood and I was about to explode due to the level of incompetence. After a few wipes and more wrong information, and a bunch of people coming up with “ideas”, I say ideas when I should say stupid fucking suggestions, on stuff that they “found out” and suggested we changed or how to deal with it? I am not saying that we got a full tactic on the forum and all the abilities explained on forum and in the Journal, which Blizzard have implemented. So basically I was in a bad mood because of people’s lack of preparation while expecting an easy kill. However, we didn’t kill Ragnaros we wiped miserably many times, and may I add “HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET HITTED BY LAVA WALL CONSTANTLY?”. This was a problem, but so was handling adds and I do mean all adds, and then to add we got tanks dying due to our druids which we had assigned to tank healing pretty much went back to WOLTK style – hot hot hot, a damn a 70k hit on the tank nevermind the hots will be sufficient… Learn to fucking play your classes it isn’t rocket science.

We went in the day after and took Ragnaros after 21 wipes, but I am pretty disappointed with the way people handle new boss encounters and neglect the use of defensive cooldowns, health stone and doesn’t care to read the least on an encounter or just watch a video on youtube. But hey – I am not to judge, I know raiding is hard – Sometimes you have to do stuff. 

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