onsdag den 20. juli 2011

A while into patch 4.2 and Firelands

While being on a vacation in Norway (Did I just go on vacation during new and exciting content? – Yes), I’ve pretty much been without an internet connection for four days (Yes, it was tough and I am making up for it as  you read this) 

So my guild and I “finally” killed Shannox as somewhat mediocre 300ish or something, which I must admit was a bit disappointing since I did think that we had to skills to at very least be able to hit the kill within the first day, and then steady approach a rank 120-150, however, that didn’t happen, but then again let us blame that US guilds did have a day more (A lousy excuse, but hey stupid Americanos !) 

We practiced a bit on Lord Rhyolit, which didn’t real reveal anything beside we didn’t understand a lot of the abilities and how to counter them, however, to make matters worse the melee DPS (Who is quite good at calling out do x or y, and whom got the assignment to DPS the legs was after 5 wipes continuingly being asked by an officer “Why didn’t you do X when you did Y” and he summed it up with a fucking retarded comment “You have to think 20 seconds ahead, but you cannot miss the volcano which just pops up and you got  ½ second to counter” and it is cute to give “Thumbs up” or help, but that was just down right useless comments which made me want to mute VT and made the DPS, whom I sits and rambles on with during raids, being close to what he was dealing with. an Erupting Volcano. So I said in the most grown up and neutral voice “Why don’t you then call it?” which gave the reply “Is it now everyone against me?” which is just fucking sad that people look at it that way. You give criticism and it is not even constructive, and when you are asked to do it instead because you are obviously pointing out what the other person is doing wrong to all the 23 others and you simply goes into “defensive stance”… I mean seriously, if you cannot yourself handle criticism then do not fucking give it… 

However, I have heard rumors of that the next couple of wipes were disastrous due to the volcanoes (And by that I mean the damage on the legs) were handled and called poorly with mr. “I KNOW WHAT YOU DO WRONG NOW LISTEN TO ME FOR 5 MINUTES EVERY WIPE DESPITE IT ISN’T ALWAYS VULCANOES BUT MORE PEOPLE ARE BEING FATTER THAN THE BOSS”
While saying this I did suddenly remember that over the last couple of months people seems to have been unable to move or avoid damage, which they vividly could see coming and pretty much just being a fat ass “DWARMAGE DERP DERP”.

When talking DERP it is not possible not to look at the various topics and posts on mmo-champion – Oh boy …
First I read through about 4 pages with people pretty much stating “Restoration shamans is broken and the worst healing class, and we got a useless CD”. Okay, this is almost every day B#LL S#IT, however, hardly anyone seemed to look at the fact that whenever gathered there is NO ONE, who can touch a resto shaman, and from my point of view “Spirit Link Totem” is possible the best CD due to the fact that it transfers HP around, which means that the possibility that you lose a player is being a lot lower, and it is a 10% dmg Reduction, and it pretty much also boosts the other healers HPs by reducing “Overhealing” to almost nil. No, go and tell me that it is crap cooldown you ignorant idiots …
A person argued with the fact that the guild “Inner Sanctum” (Who I got nothing but respect for) well, they used 2 paladins and two disc priests to down Baleroc, and no shamans and thereby the logic would be that shamans sucked. Ehm, wut ? Disc priests is AMAZING for tank healing currently due to the fact that a lot of bosses has a 100k+ hitting ability which is not avoidable, but during this they can hit with their melee attack and pretty much bringing 200.000 damage to a tank within 1½ second, and in that scenario the disc priest shines.  PW:S is a 30-40.000 absorb and with GH spam they should have another shield of 20-30k more on them while the disc priest is able to push out just as much healing as any other class which solely focus on tank healing. And they got the best single target cooldown ingame – Pain Suppression! 

Well, back to the post, but then the poster ignores the fact that there were no restoration druids either or holy priests ? Are they underpowered as well ? Furthermore, you make the assumption based on the log, and now what they were doing. Would it possible also have been to having 2 x Power Infusions to boost raiders damage? Is their restoration shamans and druids at the same skill level as the others ? There is made an assumption, while not looking at the greater picture, but hey it is MMO-champion so what can you expect. 

Another post I stumbled upon was the “Telluic Current” thread, where I read that the majority of posters hardly see anymore than ZG / ZA and they were not having mana problems so they saw TC as a useless talent. Another poster even typed something along the lines “ I am a healing so I only use healing spells even in spite of it being utterly and fully wasted”,. Honestly ? Idiot, throw a LB instead of useless overhealing who gives a shit if you specced into TC ? It is your attitude which is completely crap. When that is being said I will agree on, beside TC is an amazing regn. tool if you know your fellow healers, it is quite different from fight to fight if you got time to throw a few LBs, however, I still maintain the view that you should pretty much keep Flame Shock on the target, and throw in a few Lava Bursts and possible keep up your Searing Totem (Or putting down Fire Elemtental) to help during progression, but hey that is just my Point of view, and I do play with several people who rather push out overhealing that use their damage abilities, and that is just plain stupid because it is = wasted mana and wasted time.

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