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Last depressing raids before patch 4.2

Last raid before patc h 4.2 and Firelands, and a new main character.
Yes, Firelands will be here tomorrow and I since I just jumped back to my restoration shaman (On which my gear is brilliant – or not) and was in the raid with 2/5 in BoT cleared and BWD cleared, so 5 bosses that should be a piece of cake with two raid days left and everyone geared to up over their ears ? Meh, think again. 

Again I had to kite adds on Conclave, and for some reason I still cannot figure out (Okay, I was perhaps a bit hung over) I had immense problems with pickup up the adds the usual way, and if that wasn’t enough they spawned like crap almost every time – Yey. We finally managed to take it down and I reclogged to my restoration shaman for Al’Akir. I should perhaps add that we the last couple of weeks more or less has one or two shotted Al’Akir, however, for some apparent reason it would seem that a majority of our raiders felt like they would miss tornadoes, lightning and the general fun of the encounter – So they decided to play like a bunch of retards on meth and when we finally managed to kill Al’akir, well then we had spend almost 3 hours on two bosses which we usually spend a maximum of one on. So we called the raid and decided that the last three could wait a day, and hopefully people would have found their focus, glasses and runned out of drugs. 

So, did they find their focus ?

There is your answer:

 It was one of the worst raids I have experienced in this expansion, and we started on Council. Let me give you brief explanation – Phase one wasn’t really a big problem, except we had a few tank deaths due to we putted our resto druid on the tank (Rej spam on the raid is just gr8888 only 50% OH), however, if the druid threw any HTs it wasn’t during Ignacious’ Flamebreath and pretty much everyone else had to try to emergency heal the tank. Okay, we ended in phase two  which is pretty simple: grab tornado, grab vortex rinse and repeat and run away with Lightning Rod and kite the Frost Orb into the fire. It isn’t complicated and we even have our raidleader announcing what debuff to take, however, it is seemingly an impossible task for a bunch of our raids, sadly. We ended up taking it on normal – Hard boss is hard, sometimes you have to do something else than tunnel. 

We took Cho’gall after a few wipes due to people forgetting (Because it is only the 100th time?) that they have to interrupt and kill the fucking Fire Elemental, horray ! He went down and we “only” had the retard check aka. Sinestra left.

Sinestra – I just love dispelling just as much as kiting adds, however, someone has to do it and atleast dispelling Wreck wasn’t the issue. The issue was people pulling agro on Sinestra in phase one, pulling agro on whelps (When they shouldn’t be on them) and tanks dying to Cutters with +50 stacks of Twillight Spit on them. A fucking brilliant run turned better, oh wait – It didn’t ! And this has made me wonder, how hard is the game currently ? Or phrased another way, How big of a bunch of retards am I raiding with? Only Firelands will show, but if this continues I foresee a grim, grim future.

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