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3/7 Bosses down on HC.

Hard boss is hard, but communication is apparently harder.
So we are slowly progressing through Firelands, and with Lord Rhyolith down within a jiffy of 110+ wipes and a 5 healer tactic, which was because of the fact that we do not have good damage. In fact our kill (When I say our I do mean the guilds since I wasn't present at the kill) with 5 healers was just as long as the majority of guilds who take 6 healers - Now I wonder if that is a DPS problem and what obstackles we will hit in the furture (With this DPS I assume we would only use 2 healers for Baleroc). 

So the next natural step in this fast line of progression would be Beth'tilac HC, which so far around 300 guilds have killed and that mean - We are currently around 100 ranks lower than when this expansion started, and when the goal is to jump 100 ranks up we are now looking at a jump of 200 ranks, but I guess is is beyond our reach currently. 

However, Beth ze fun spider which is a cake walk - Oh wait, it isn't when logic is a city in Mother Russia and speed is a french word. Our Beth tank did in the beginning have massive problems with getting "fast" up to Beth, and we need to him to do that because of two reasons 1) The raid is taking shit loads of damage and that stops when she is meleeing and 2) We need as much DPS on her as possible, however, to illustrate the speed of our tank: I stood next to a "line" and waited 4 seconds before I pressed it believeing that "Hey - The tank should be up now ? Oh wait I am dead due to melee ... FML (At that time the tank still hadn't been able to get up). When the tank got "the hang of it" or at least were able to get up faster the next problem arose in that region.
Our resto druid were mindblowingly slow to get up, and didn't really understand the need for her to get up ASAP after the tank (One man healing 4 melee, the tank and yourself is easy peasy ? Yesh ?).  After 25 wipes she is still the slowest and that is despite the DPS who jumps up are waiting longer and longer, but I guess that the "I MUST HEAL HERP DERP" factor is engaged. This was "just" our problems upstairs. 

Downstairs the RL had assigned three rogues to taking care of the Cinderweb Spiderlings inspite inspite of the wast majority of logs on Worldoflogs is either a) Hunters, b) Hunters + Boomkins, c)Hunters+ Frost DK or a few with d) hunters+frost dk and  rogue. Now, I am not saying that it will work for us, however, there is quite a few problems with using rogues. One is the damage which is lower than hunters, and secondly they have to stand far far out, which will require them to be single healed by one healer, who again will have to stand outside the raid (And thereby the raidhealing) during Beth's Venom Rain - Is that good ? 

Now, we do have a few people frankly "Talking out of their arshes" with ideas, and it is very cute and adorable, but it is also a bloody pain in the rectum, so when a person asked "Why aren't we using the frost DK and the hunter on the adds" Well, he wasn't exactly getting a "positive" respons  - On the contrary infact the response was pretty rough and not at all constructive.
In the end Beth'tilac got bashed to the ground, and it is perhaps the "best" fight for a restoration shaman since our mastery really shines in p2.

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