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Telluric Currents and healers doing damage - wut ? Part 2.

Back with some more information regarding Telluic Currents on Baleroc (should be Balecockblock) and Majordomo Loothelm and "Ragnaros the healer bencher". 

For Baleroc I switched to my holy paladin (which is pretty much BiS pre Firelands geared) in order to make the fight easier and a kill more likely for us, and putting aside the rustyness I can say that it feels a lot easier to make it work as a holy paladin than a restoration shaman on this fight, and Divine Favor and Avenging Wrath is just immensly powerful whenever something goes south (Ello Tormented). 

Here is a video that I frapsed during our kill 

I have killed Baleroc on hardmode on my shaman, and wih the tactic that we currently are using with the first ranged shard is being soaked by a shadow priest (nom nom stacks) I am usually able to push my stack of Vital Sparks to 50-60 for the first shard with heroism and a rotation being somewhat Riptide - HW HW, UE, Rip, HW HW, HS, Rip, HW HW - Rip, UE and then HS spam with Rip and UE on CD in order to get as many stacks as possible. It does take a chunk of your mana pool, but you have to look at it as an investment because the more stacks the harder your heals will hit and thereby you can use more HWs than GHW in the beginning and thereby saving quite a lot of mana. However, the best advise for that fight is /stopcast and that is honestly the biggest problem for a shaman because a disciplin priest overheal can grant Divine Aegis, holy paladin gives Illuminated Healing and a restoration druid relies on Clearcast procs a long with hots and the current design "wants" the druid to push out significant overhealing whereas a restoration shamans overheal is just completly wasted (beside Riptide).
However, you can find a use for Telluic Currents on this fight whenever you are on the "soakers" there is a little downtime between the spawn of the crystals and there can you throw in a few Lightning Bolts. 

Moving on to Majordomo Staghelm (Loothelm) where we ran 4 healers on the kill (I specced elemental with 23% hit due to no dps avaliable) and with the right tactic we took it within 15pulls. And with the buff you get then Telluic Currents is just retardedly good. Our last kill when I played restoration I gained around 250.000 mana of 32 Lightningbolts which is equal to roughly 7,6k mana pr. Lightning Bolt, and I had a DPS of 4100 (with an active time of almost 60%), however, this boss would be fairly easy to 3 man heal and I wouldn't be surprised if some guilds already is two healing it and a wild guess is that before the next content you will see a restoration druid solo healing it.

For Ragnaros you want Telluic Currents because a) It is hard on your mana, b) Damage comes in "bursts" and whenever you are in the "safe" zone (lol Guys - Taking trap in 3 *BANG* 2  1 * 3 people dead to knock back) there isn't any reason for 4 people to stand and be throwing out heals all the time because the only thing that grants is wasted mana and massive overhealing and less damage, which you can ill afford.

I forgot that I had frapsed a few of our kills from resto shaman pov: 

I haven't frapsed Shannox because it is such a dull fight, and I did only fraps our Baleroc kill on my paladin and Majordomo is me playing elemental, and sucking badly at it.

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