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It is "just" farm, and making bosses harder ?

It is ”just” farm bosses. 

My guild has been on 6/7 HM 25man for a while now, and with them progressing on Ragnaros HC (4 healers – pala, druid, priest and shaman) and due to I had IRL stuff to do during the first week of progress I passed my spot to our other shaman, but back to the title. 

With people getting better and better gear while killing the bosses more and more often you would assume that the bosses becomes easier and easier, and the amount of wipes each week should go down and only be contribiuted to by DCs or retard players. However, currently for my guild farm mode has become a pain with other bosses than STAND STILL AND DERPS. 

On Shannox people aren’t trying to get away from Rageface with Blink, Teleport, Sprint, Dash or whatever which after 3 minutes means that Rageface is two shotting people – Brilliant, people die and the kill gets uncontrolled because you want to stand still and do derps, Good Job. 

Alysrazor – It is a retard check, and we fail several times each week. Melee eats Brushfire as if it was fucking candy, and is more focused on their recount than interrupting the adds.
Meteors seems to come as a surprised every time for our ranged DPSers or at very least for 5 out of 7 of them. Lava Worms spawn randomly and is impossible to see when they spawn – oh wait, fixed positions and a big fucking animation – IT IS HARD. Using 3 Combat Resurrections before the “burn phase” and then we got people who still haven’t figured out how to avoid tornadoes because it is a random mechanic. This piss easy boss takes 3-4 wipes every fucking week and the abilities seems to come as a surprise for people every damn week.
It seems to be a general attitude that farm is easy and I can play with 60% of what I can while watching telly and not paying any attention to the screen. And it is pissing me off that people are unable to just focus every 10th minute when we reach a boss and then focus for 5-9 minutes.

Then there always is Baleroc, which we always needs 5-9 wipes on because healers is retarded and tanks aren’t thinking about how we can make the fight easier. This week we got a druid and a warrior tank, and they started out with the warrior taking Decimation and the druid tanking – WHY ? Why on earth would you take the Block tank to take Decimation it is fucking retarded. Let us make it harder to kill the damn boss !
Then there is the healers and their capability to do their job, and ability to stack Vital Sparks. We got a restoration druid who seems to have problems with anything else than standing still and keeping Wild Growth on CD while spamming Rejs. on the raid, and the druid has still not figured out the importance of getting a decent amount of Vita Spark stacks when you need to switch to the tank. Usually when I play my shaman I start on the ranged, where a shadow priest is soaking the first for the full duration, and with heroism I get between 50-60 stacks depending on how retarded I play. It costs med 30% of my mana, but I gain the advantage of being able to throw out more HWs while on the tank and thereby it is an investment which pays of. However, if you are on the melee who switches after 13-14 stacks you should still get 30-40 minimum (When they switch it is outmost stupid not to jump to the shadow priest and spam 3-4 heals on that guy since he will be at +15 stacks at the current point), however, with heroism the druid was able to get 15 stacks.. yes 15 and then switched to the tank where I was purely using GHW because our paladin wasted his CDs. My “switching buddy” decided that he needed more stacks and waited till after the second shard, which meant that at the time that I was released from tank duty (Always fun to heal 3-400k HP tank with 40k normal GHW and 100K crits when the stars align) which meant that I was at 10.000 mana when I was supposed to heal the shard people. That it was a kill is beyond my understanding because people play like retards on acid who only got one arm, but that might explain the +100 wipes to the seriously hard ability Engulfing on Ragnaros HC – forward, backwards what TO DOOOOOO.

This brings me on to another part, and that is that we run with the philosophy “Bring the player not the class”, but that does apparently also mean that there is no need to use the utilities that the different healing specs give for a given encounter – let’s say Ragnaros. 

On Ragnaros they run with a holy paladin on the tanks supported by a restoration shaman, who by the way also is assigned to the majority of the right sides raid members. And on the left we got a restoration druid a long with our priest who has decided that he should play discipline. However, is that optimizing your healing assignments? Hardly, a discipline priest is in my opinion the strongest tank healer, and with the “bursts” given by Traps a shield of 30-40K just smoothes out the damage, and furthermore if a priest throws out overhealing that crits it is not entirely wasted, however, does a shaman throw out overhealing it is wasted except if he crits and AA heals a target.
Furthermore, a shaman is best used on people who is standing close together, which our melee does so HR will become useful along with CH which also will give the shaman room for some Lightning Bolts to regn. a little with TC which gives more “room” for high burst healing due to higher mana.
But hey – there is no reason to make the boss easier, and it is not like Divine Aegis is utterly wasted on raidhealing if people doesn’t take damage within 15 seconds, which most of them will not. This brings me on to our restoration druid who seems to think that everything can be mended with a Rej. even if it merely 10.000 damage which needs to be healed up, and that means that Rej. on a fight like Ragnaros is +50% overhealing which is a lot, and when you complain about mana and fail to see that you might need help.  

That will be the end of my rant in this post. 

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