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My response to the shaman feedback thread.

In response to the shaman feedback thread on EU and US forums, this is what I had on my mind.

What type of content do you focus on?

If PvE, what type of PvE?
Semi-hardcore Raiding 25man.

What are your biggest quality-of-life issues?
Searing Totem. The shamans incapability to compete with resto druids / priests at raid healing whenever people are spread due to Chain Heals jump range. The need to apply Earth Shield due to Nature's Blessing whenever "hard" single target healing is require for more than 4 casts - 18% makes us competitive tank assistants, but an almost 20% increase if Earth Shield isn't on the target is way too much !

What makes playing your class more fun?
Being the jack of all trades. Being able to dish out damage in form of Fire Elemental and Lightning Bolts, if specced into Telluric Currents, and not being penalized for it in terms of mana instead of standing around as e.g. druids /wanking whenever the incoming damage is low. The +100k crits with mastery build.
Water Shield and in spite of it might sometimes be an aggravating thing to do, then I still like the idea of you have to make a choice a) Regn. or b) Heal. Furthermore, it does also make it important to look forward in the fight when you got 2 stacks and you got a free GCD or if you always wait to it has expired to refresh it. Totems - I like the uniqueness in spite of the fact that almost every buff is covered.

What makes playing your class less fun?
The frustration of our mana compared to other healers and a "usefulness" of Mana Tide (Which should be changed to something like the priests Shadowfiend and buffed in terms of regn.). The AI of Fire Elemental / Searing Totem. How we are penalized in our capability of raidhealing whenever people aren't stacked. A lack of self cooldown except Stoneclaw Totem (If glyphed).
Being the jack of all trades does sadly also lead to the fact that we are not exceptional at anything and you have to struggle in order to do your assignment which another class will be able to do with far less effort.

How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.)
I am currently pleased with the amount of spells at our disposal except Chain Heal and its range or lack of so to speak. I like the idea of Tidal Waves, Unleashed Element, positioning of totems for maximum usage. Perhaps a little to focused on keeping Riptide on cooldown, but then again Holy Shock, Wild Growth and Pennance performs the same role - more or less.

What’s on your wish list for your class? Change to Chain Heal to something like Wild Growth or Prayer of Healing or just a buffed range in order to make it competetive and not a waste since it will only hit 2 people. A buff to our regn. model so that we are brought in line with the other healers or a minor buff to the regn. given from Telluric Currents. A "on use" cooldown as Avenging Wrath or any form of increased throughput for X amount of time like Palas - Divine Favor / Avenging Wrath, Druids - Tree of Life, Discs - Power Infusion. Because one of the major issues I have is that I am not capable of increasing my throughput whenever it is needed except for keeping Healing Rain on CD and hope that I positioned it perfectly and hope people have learned that blue is good.
Healing Stream Totem becomming raidwide instead of party wide.

What spells do you use the least? Chain Heal and Healing Surge.

This is what I posted, but as time has passed I have been thinking a little more about it, and what could be done to bring shamans more “in line” with the other healers.
I think the biggest issue is Chain Heal, and the lack of usage on bosses where you cannot be sure it will hit 4 targets (This is where I usually throw out a GHW instead), and the regn. model which is modeled around Water Shield and the change to Resurgence which with our current crit percentages just gives too little regn. back, and that has “forced” a lot of shamans who doesn’t like Telluric Currents to take the talent, however, I am one of the shamans who love the talent and I don’t mind dishing out damage !
Nonetheless, one of the things which I think would bring shamans most “easily” into line with the other healers would be a “burst” cooldown like Avenging Wrath / Divine Favor / Tree of Life, because the only reason e.g. druids are so high on the meter is ToL WG – RG – Tranq – WG RG – Lb Lb Lb – RG on Clearcast and WG, which if they got Shard of Woe, which on a side topic gives them a ludicrous amount of MP5 and with the amount of extra HoT ticks it just gets too good whenever you use it along with ToL. Where as shamans “peak” when people are low and they got HR on the ground and smashing their CH key, but there is no “I NEED MOAR HEALING” button, and I do truly believe that it would bring shamans in line.
Furthermore, make Healing Stream Totem raidwide – that would also bring us “more” in line.  

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