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Snipehealing – Meter whoring ?

Being the person who diehes out the most healing per second (HPS) does not mean that you are the best healer e.g. a resto druid can hit his Rej. and WG spells constantly on the raid, but that doesn’t help to kill the boss if he is assigned as a primary healer on a tank, and despite he will be pulling higher numbers of recount / skade and world of logs  then he is more of a disadvantage than an asset to your group. However, there is also another side, and that is the people who only focuses on their assignment and ignores his or hers opportunities to help out with e.g. raid healing or tank healing when you are assigned to the raid, and some will call it snipe healing and that is just utter bollocks. People who claim “snipe healing” or “meter whoring” is usually the people who does not have this urge to do their job and then help out wherever he can and thereby optimizing the possibility that the boss will hit 0 HP before your raid. 

Should a druid assigned to the raid not help out with hots on the tanks ? Should a paladin not use Holy Radiance in the raid when being on the tank or Light of Dawn? Should a shaman not use Healing Rain if they are assigned to a tank? Or should they not keep a Riptide on the tank if they are on raid heaing ? Should a disc. priest retain her/himself from throwing a shield on the raid members who is dangerous low on HP with a large AoE attack incoming?

Healing is all about teamwork and if your assignment(s) is safe then why wouldn’t you help put the others?
Furthermore, meter whoring or snipe healing is mostly due to that person a) is faster than person b) to heal the person who has taken damage and in spite of it might not be person a)s primary objective isn’t it every healers objective to get people who is on a low percentage HP to a safe percentage (90-100%). However, there is also a huge difference between meterwhoring on farm and on progress and let me explain why. On progress your mana is usually stretched to the limit and you have to make decisions at the end about who you want to “save” and if you wasted all your mana on people who already had a Rej. on them or a Wild Growth or Riptide then you making your raid suffer due to mana and healing is always a limited resource during progress whereas farm is where you got the 5-10ilvls higher and most guilds use the same amount of healer while the DPS is several thousand higher which means that you got more resources when you start the fight and due to the fight lasts less time – well, you can do the math. 

However, I hate doing farm bosses with the same amount of healers because I like to be challenged and with the same amount of healers you hardly have to think about using your efficient or your inefficient spell.
We started out with 6 healers on Shannox, 7 on Beth’tilac and 6 on Lord Rhyolith (We had to switch to 5 during our first kill due we lacked damage) and 6 on Alysrazor. We are currently running with 5 on Shannox and unless people play like retards we could take one more away. We did accidently use 6 healers for Beth’tilac and it wasn’t really an issue and I will bet my socks that we could do it with 5 without making it hard.
Alysrazor is a retard check and something which our melee sadly fails to realize that Brushfire, Tornadoes and interrupts is important, but it is easily 4 healable if people can minimize their damage and you use your raid cooldowns during “burn phase”.
I wouldn’t touch the 5 healers we use on Baleroc due to every fucking week someone fucks up and we need the “backup” and extra healing.
Majordomo – We started out with 5 when we initially started and took it with 4 and honestly 3 is sufficient and will be slightly challenging. 

Ragnaros – well, we use 4 healers and Paragon used 3 and some guilds uses 5 (which is now safe due to the recent HP nerf), nonetheless the most of the damage there is controllable and people are usually responsible for their own death “Hello Mr. Englufing” or “Suuuuurfing the Lava Wave yeah – oh dead”
The phase with Molten Elements can be a little tricky, however, a large part lies in positioning of the seeds and the usage of raid cooldowns without people being fatter than usually and like the engulfing animation (Which I do hope that the retard who designed it gets fired at, burned and then pissed upon)
In regards to Ragnaros he just emphasizes how good Shard of Woe still is and that it almost is a necessity for the healers in order to cope with the healing requirements, and that leads me onto the silly design of it and the amount of Regn. it is worth for a resto druid in regards to a resto shaman and how much it boots the HPs – I doubt hardly any restoration druids with a WoL rank above 50 (On HMs) without SoW since it is so much regn. that you can reforge all your spirit to either mastery or haste, and with the 1min use you can quite easily get an extra tick on Wild Growth which during Tree of Life is amazing.

I saw a post on MMO-champion where we were encouraged to post what is good / bad in regards to all the classes and my focus is of course on resto shamans.
People complain that they need to put down a totem every 5th minute? Sure, because you are bad and forget it – I enjoy that part and it also means that you have to think about where you put your totem unless you want to reposition it all the time.
Water Shield needs to be refreshed too much and it is annoying to refresh it as often as we must. I disagree – It makes the choice more interesting – Get Water Shield up vs. casting a heal, why would you want to simplify everything it is just retarded and seems like people
wants the Wrath Model – press a + b before start and then continuously 1 until the boss is dead.

I currently only have one issue with resto and that is Chain Heal and the jump range is way too low in regards to the design of the encounters. And I would enjoy that it A) Becomes a heal like a druids WG – Covers a group like a priests Prayer of Healing or simply increase the range with 5-10 yards in order to make it competitive.

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